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Coaster with hot foil
Coaster with hot foil
Custom made coaster for your social media campaign
Custom made coaster for your social media campaign
Big sized beer coaster
Big sized beer coaster
Special cut beer coaster
Special cut beer coaster
Door hanger from beer mat material
Door hanger from beer mat material

Finishing options

Coasters with scented varnish

Scent marketing can be a great way to increase the appeal of products made from our beercoaster wood pulp board – from beer mats to postcards and advertising materials. We can produce scented varnishes in all standard fragrances, and you are also free to create your very own branded scent.

Coasters with hot foil imprint 

Keen to use printing technology to give your beer mats an extra-special finish? Try out our beercoaster hot foils to turn your coaster creation into something that truly stands out.

Coasters with Lamination

A raincoat for beer mats. Fully laminated beverage coasters last longer – and the pictures on them stay clearer, too!

Coasters with relief varnish

A feeling of elevation. Relief varnish makes your brand message stand out in 3D, offering a new kind of tactile sensation.

Coasters with scratch panels

Bring out your customers playful instincts and sense of fun with competitions and engaging fund-raising drives. Our beercoaster scratch-off coatings let you hide whatever information you want on your coasters – and that always gets people interested!

Coasters with special colors

Do you want your beer mats to really stand out from the crowd? Go for a special colour to show off your beer mat in a whole new light, or create an eye-catching effect with our metallic varnishes.

Coasters with UV-varnish /Glitter varnish

As well as providing sparkling optical effects, UV varnish also creates a whole new tactile sensation. You can opt for glitter or matt and decide whether to varnish all or just part of your coaster. Whatever format you choose, you can be sure that our beercoaster varnishes will give your beer mats a truly striking look.

Coasters with a sand effect

A beer mat with a beach vibe! Real grains of sand create a truly tactile experience.

Coasters with embossing / relief print

The play of light and shadows.

Emboss beer mats without the use of ink and create a special look and feel.

Coasters with glow-in -the-dark 

Shining through the darkness. Light emitting pigments that make coasters glow in the dark.

Beer mat with scented varnish
Beer mat with hot foil print
Beer mat with lamination
Beer mat with elevated varnish
Beer mat with scratch ink
Beer mat with special colors
Beer mat with UV varnish
Beer mat with sand effect
Beer mat with embossing
Beer mat with glow in the dark

Possible thickness

The most popular thickness under the coasters is 1.4mm but we can print on a variety of thicknesses.

We can produce beer coasters on the following thicknesses: 0.9 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.4 mm, 1.6 mm, 1.8 mm and 2 mm.

Our standard sizes are square 93x93mm and round 107mm diameter:

You can find the templates by clicking on the link below:

Square 93x93mm

Round 107mm

Special shapes:
Straight or curved, with plain or scalloped edges, beer mats are always in great shape! Choose from our huge range of special shapes and designs or let us help you create a unique, personalised beer mat to market your brand.

You can hava a look at a small selection of our special punching dies.