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Beercoasters.be is part of Ducks in a row, a promotion agency and representative for a number of well chosen suppliers and brands.

This way we can provide our customers with a large scale of POS-items, print jobs and textile as well as sharply priced custom made productions.

Ducks in a row is often one of the most flexible companies in Belgium as we can always offer multiple quality and leadtime options. 

if you need some inspiration for your next project, feel free to make an appointment or come and have a look in our showroom.

Creative Ideas – a wood pulp-based tool for personalized advertising

The beauty of wood pulp-based advertising media is that people don’t just pick them up to put in their pocket. They actually do it because they like the feel of them. 


Other companies talk about "going green" but we went green a long time ago.

To be honest, we already feel a little bit like sustainability experts, simply because we have always applied this principle to our products and have always understood that we are responsible for our impact on the environment. To ensure we continue to improve our environmental performance in the future, our producer Katz is now certified to the environmental management standard DIN EN ISO 14001 as well as to DIN EN ISO 50001.

Service & support

Good after-sales service and reliable customer support are a key part of our business. Our Customer Service Team is here to help, so please get in touch if you have any queries.

Not all beer mats are made the same!
We have spent the past 100 years advising customers on how to choose the right beer mat to meet their needs. Experience has taught us that coasters are important marketing tools that need to be carefully tailored to each customer’s brand. We take time to address all your concerns, and we have the expertise to put your ideas into practice. From the choice of board and thickness to the coaster shape and finishing, we’ve got you covered!


Every beer mat design is unique in its own.
The price of a coaster depends on many different factors.
That’s why we always give our customers a quote that is based on their specific needs.


Ducks in a row is a member of the Belgian Association of Promotional Products affiliated with Fostplus, Bebat, Auvibel, Recupel,...


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